Run privately since 2003 MIMDAS offers a complete package in electrical geophysics.  Using a distributed array channels are almost limitless with true 3D acquisition possible.  Any array type using any transmitter combined with great signal to noise receivers and cutting edge processing and modelling makes MIMDAS the industry leader in IP/RES/MT acquisition. 


Newly developed three channel receivers wirelessly connected to controlling software.  The new "Vegas" boxes are a versatile regional and project scale acquisition option.  Signal to noise only comparable to MIMDAS expect the highest quality in geophysical MT surveying.  Testing to be complete 2022.


Ground magnetics has been a commonly used technique in mining exploration for decades.  More recently the this method has been applied to the coal industry where it has the potential to map potentially problematic igneous rock formations within coal sequences.  This pre-screening allows potential savings in follow-up drilling programs.